White Noise
Made in White City

About White Noise

White Noise is a publication about cities and people.

We’re based in White City and this part of West London is the raw material for our work, walking the streets and wondering: what can they teach us? How do we work, dream and wander through the city fabric that surrounds us? How can art and writing make us see and experience that fabric in new ways?

White Noise approaches places from the sleep side. From the sleep side, everything looks the same and everything is different, as Ann Carson writes in Every Exit Is an Entrance. Describing her living room as seen in a dream, she finds the place both identical and transformed, both spooky and strangely comforting. “I explained the dream to myself by saying that I had caught the living room sleeping. I had entered it from the sleep side.”

We work with the people, charities, artists and businesses around us, and we're kindly supported by Stanhope. Say hi here: hello@whitenoise.city.

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