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Architecture As Metaphor

A new exhbition in White City explores the intertwined relationship of art, culture and architecture – drawing parallels rather than divides between the disciplines.


A new exhibition at White City's Griffin Gallery, Architecture as Metaphor brings together "works by 33 artists from the UK, Germany and Holland, where architecture and the built environment become the primary motif and expressive image, transcending their traditional ‘subordinate’ role in visual art as a setting, backdrop or context."

The exhibition squares firmly up against the idea that architecture is incidental and presents it instead, if not as a force for change, as a measure of our progress and our evolution as a society. Architecture as Metaphor concerns itself with and, by way of works that span the full range of aristic practice, from sculpture to film, fully immerses its self in the idea that our buildings say more about us than how much living space we needed at any one point in history.

Nothing happens in a vacuum, after all, and Architecture As Metaphor's 33 artists, across their various disciplines, are testament to a relation with architecture that is not just parallel but symbiotic – that architecture is not only a reflection of our culture's necessity, but also necessarily reflected by that same culture.

Architecture as Metaphor runs until 21st April 2017.

Header image: Evy Jokhova, 'Puddle' (2011) / Body Images: Wolfgang Schlegel, ‘Life On Noglu’ and Tony Carter, ‘Intimations of Mortality’ – photographs by Oliver Holms.

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