White Noise
Made in White City

Come and Collage at the Museum of London's August Salon

The Museum of London's August salon invites you to explore the topic of Play, and White Noise will be joining the evening's line-up of thoughtful discussion, unexpected ideas and gentle mischief.

WORDS – Liz Ann Bennett
PHOTOS – Stefan Jakubowski

The evening will careen decisively off the main road and take the alternative route through the backstreets of the city. Expect detours through urban gaming and some loitering in public spaces with whimsical intent, plus a surprising stop at the launderette, that hot-bed of gossip and unexpected reversals. Speakers include Holly Gramazio from Matheson Marcault, Matt Adams, co-founder of Blast Theory, and others.

White Noise is teaming up with Steph Hartman of Collage Club to create a collaborative collage with the audience, a fantastical cityscape that will grow throughout the evening. All materials are provided; all we ask is that you sift through, drink in hand, selecting the images that catch your eye. The result will be a striking piece of collective art.

The Play salon is part of a series of informal evenings at the Museum critically exploring the lived experience of the city including fashion, identity, power, protest and dissent. They will take place monthly throughout the City Now City Future season at the Museum of London. 

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