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In Colour: An Introduction

This March, we've commissioned something colourful. One of White City's abandoned spaces will become a piece of public art, a canvas for the bold hues and graphic shapes of Craig and Karl.


Craig Redman and Karl Maier create pieces known for their thoughtful stylisation and tints that turn heads. They have decorated buses in Hong Kong, plastered patterns onto hoardings in Manchester and once designed a 600-foot display of sweets along the streets of Chengdu. Based in New York and London respectively, neither the Atlantic nor two decades of working together have severed their partnership.

Here on the website, we've invited them to join us as guest editors for a month-long celebration of cities and colour. 

Colour complicates, enhances, and evades definition. It's a tide that ebbs and flows with daylight and the weather. At dawn, streets in Aberdeen take on the gritty shimmer of granite, in Jodhpur a mellow blue, and in Copenhagen primary reds and yellows. Is the colour of a city the reflected slate shade of its skyscrapers? Or is it the bright mosaic street tiles and green moss between the paving stones?

It's easier to write about places in greyscale – all dependable forms and reliable happenings – and this month we'll be doing the exact opposite.

Meanwhile in White City, Craig and Karl's work will be progressing. Invisibly at first, with sketches and ideas and drafts. Then visibly at the work takes shapes in the public eye. Eventually, we'll unveil the finished piece here on the website. One of the neighbourhood's unloved spots will be transformed into something difficult to miss. 

Craig and Karl Manchester

Craig and Karl Chengdu

Craig and Karl Chengdu

Craig and Karl Obama Variety

From top: Craig and Karl's installation at the M One Building in Manchester (photo: James Seddon); the Sweet as One exhibition in Chengdu incorporating 13 tonnes of sweets; a cover for New York maagzine commemorating Obama's second term in office; a cover for Variety's annual awards nomination issue. Header photo by iStock. The photo on the homepage is of the Reitdiephaven wharf in Groningen, The Netherlands, by Peter Nijenhuis.

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