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Giveaway: East Tower Art for East Tower Folk

The former BBC East Tower at Television Centre is being demolished, but tiny pieces of it have a second life as part of these ceramic art pieces by James Rigler. The textures of its interiors have been preserved as 12 finely-crafted sculptures.

Now Rigler would like to give each one away to someone with a connection with the tower.


“The East Tower was a fascinating opportunity to create a sculptural presence to mark an imminent absence,” says Rigler. “A defiantly ‘ordinary’ building, its destruction gives us a glimpse of the tower’s extraordinary, intimate details: its skeleton, structural seam lines, material layers, architectural form stripped of the superficial.”

James Rigler BBC East Tower ceramics

Using the building like old vinyl – something to sample, replay, filter, disrupt and distort – James used direct casting, mould-making and ceramics to capture an echo of the building's form, volume, surface and narrative traces. His skilled craftsmanship, exquisite quality and finish have transformed the source material to create 12 sculptural pieces, one for each floor, each acting as a monument to both the building and its history.

BBC East Tower

Can you see the tower from your window? Did you used to work there, or perhaps just walk past every day? For the chance to get one, tell us a memory you have about the tower or the neighbourhood in 100 words or less, and send it to hello@whitenoise.city by Monday 6th May. Memories can be as small as dropping an ice cream outside, or as serious as 20 years of making TV from the tower. If you receive a sculpture, we may want to take your portrait or share your memory for the website.

James Rigler BBC East Tower ceramicsObject photography by Aloha Bonser Shaw, and others by Des Tan.

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