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How About We Paint It Pink?

Planning laws, good taste, perhaps even the laws of physics: all these are out the window as our guest editors, Craig & Karl, run amok with an imaginary paintbrush.

Here are the three buildings they'd most love to daub in vibrant colours given half a chance, brought to life by illustrator Joe Cruz.


Trellick Tower, West London. "We love Brutalist buildings, but they're often viewed in a poor light or have been mismanaged and left in a state of relative disrepair, so we want them to seen to be of value."

Trellick Tower Joe Cruz Craig Karl Goldfinger

Hoover Dam, Nevada. "It's just a mega-canvas."

Hoover Dam Craig Karl Joe Cruz

Mount Rushmore. "It's not a building, but it'd be quite hilarious to go over the faces on Mount Rushmore. It could be our version of the painted Greek sculptures."

Mount Rushmore Craig Karl Joe Cruz

The original photo of Trellick Tower is from Rory Gardiner's series exploring the subtle beauties of Brutalist buildings, and is adapted with permission. © Rory Gardiner/OTTO. The Hoover Dam is one of many photos of it taken by Ansel Adams.

Our In Colour series explores the elusive and surprising phenomenon of colour in cities, with artists Craig and Karl as guest editors. The pair are working on a secret commission to transform one of White City's unloved spaces.

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