White Noise
Made in White City

Here we loosen our grip on reality, peel back the mundane, slip past it into a stranger and more fabulous world. Author Evie Wyld imbues White City with a veneer of the surreal as she mixes truth with lies in these six wild fabrications.

WORDS - Evie Wyld

1. It is often wrongly claimed that White City is named for the marble cladding on exhibition pavilions at the site in the early 20th century. But its name, originally The Great White City, stretches back at least to Roman times, when a forest fire left pillars of ash where the trees once stood.

2. In 1908, the route for the Olympic Marathon went across the Scrubs on the final stages of the race from Windsor Castle to the Olympic Stadium at White City. Now enthusiasts gather and retrace part of the run, on a weekly basis. The prisoners stand at their windows, silently applauding.

3. The original plan for Westfield shopping centre had to be redrawn when a plague pit was unearthed during the digging of the foundations. The note boundary of the pit is now marked by Claire’s Accessories.

White City Evie Wyld

4.White City is home to a vibrant culinary scene including restaurants specialising in Walloonian and ‘live’ food.

5. The car parking facilities at Shepherds Bush Green continues to echo with the roar of the last thylacine, a recording of which was played repeatedly down the road in the 1970s by a worker in the BBC Natural History unit.

6 Standing on the corner of Australia Road and Canada Way on a quiet spring night, you are almost guaranteed to hear a cuckoo.

This piece is part of our Imagined Cities month, guest-edited by writer and urbanist Darran Anderson.

White City Evie Wyld

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