White Noise
Made in White City

Rain in White City: Original Experimental Film

The contours of Sapphire Goss's vision of White City are drenched in softness. The edges run together and dissolve into grain. Everything is reflected, refracted or distorted in water and glass.

FILM - Sapphire Goss
SOUND - Rob Shields

Goss compares her experimental filmmaking process to jamming. It's an improvisational approach where she collages textures and patterns to see what emerges. Serendipity is in, and artistic control is out.

In this piece, sequences of footage fade in and out according to the musical qualities of the soundtrack, created by musician Rob Shields from found sound in the neighbourhood. Delivering the piece over to the track's whims frees Goss from the minutiae of creative decision-making. Instead, the work that takes shape is an impressionistic recreation of her experience of the place. 

However ethereal the end result, Goss's work remains strictly tethered to the physical world. “I like to get it into the tangible realm,” she says, “otherwise my work just exists as pixels.” In this film, the reflections are created as much as by puddles and broken glass as by computer effects. In other pieces, she prints out each page of the footage, pours water on it, screws it up and reaminates it. At the moment, she's even attempting slides made from organic matter like plants and flowers: “They've started to have some interesting outcomes because they've started to breed. And they decay.”

"Flickers of memory," Goss calls her films. Watch below as her footage intertwines with Shield's found sound to summon a dream-like White City that only exists in the imagination.

You can see Shields perform at Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland on 17th June, and Goss will be showing live video work as part of Your Wilderness Revisited in London on 24th June.

White City West London sound

White City West London sound

White City West London sound

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