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If These Walls Could Sing

Grab a pair of headphones and have a listen to this mysterious piece of sound art by Robin the Fog, then read all about it.

SOUND - Robin the Fog
PHOTOS - Des Tan

When in front of an old portrait, it's tempting to leap straight to the little blurb next to it to find out who, when and where. But sometimes gazing at those long-dead faces first reveals more of their secrets. You notice the curl of a lip. The strained glance. Things you wouldn't have seen otherwise. Similarly, we'd like to challenge you to have a listen to this before you read on.

What did you think? Can you guess what sounds you're hearing?

East Tower Dreaming is a work by sound artist Robin The Fog for Resonance FM. He constructed it entirely from the naturally-occurring sounds of this former BBC Tower, now empty and about to be demolished. Catching noises like the creak of a fire door, he recorded them, then played them back over and over again into the gutted office space. Eventually the sounds took on the resonant frequencies of the empty rooms. 

As Robin says in this piece for Radio 4, "It's a little like a play on the old cliché: if these walls could speak. I like to think that this way, we come close to hearing them sing. It's a strange coincidence that it has this mournful sound to it, as if the tower is singing its own eulogy." And that's a rather beautiful thought. 

Robin the fog bbc east tower

For another taste of Robin's work, have a listen to East Tower Final Gathering below. Everything you hear here is based on the humming of unsuspecting party-goers herded into a stairwell. This bespoke piece was created from a White Noise event the other week, a final celebration of the East Tower.

Robin the fog bbc east tower

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